Diversity Students

I am currently accepting clients who are preteens and teenagers (11 yo-18 yo) in my practice. My work centers on providing the (pre)teen a safe space to explore and process their navigation from childhood into young adulthood and build the necessary tools to help them move confidently and safely into this next developmental stage. With this comes the important work of supporting the parent as they balance setting appropriate boundaries with staying connected to their teen during this often difficult time in the parent-child relationship.


I work with individual adult clients (18 yo+) who are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues, and life transitions. I use an integrative approach that considers the unique needs and strengths of each client. I work with the client to build insight, awareness, and coping tools to help manage their experiences and emotions more effectively.

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The transition through pregnancy and birth into parenthood is momentous. I have a passion for working with and supporting women and their partners during this unique and often challenging time. I provide knowledge, tools, and support around the various perinatal mood disorders and overall emotional and psychological changes that can come with expanding your family. I also prioritize connecting women and their partners to local community supports and online resources.


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